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About Free Fall

Free Fall is a singleplayer game inspired by skydiving (which I have never done btw). The aim of the game is to reach the ground as fast as possible. But take warning, as obstacles will spawn around you. Hitting obstacles will slow you down and deduct points, while avoiding them will earn you points.

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The Sweet Deets:

100+ excruciatingly long man-hours 3500+ lines of code 6 different obstacles (with more to come)
Graphics to be updated + new content to be added

Whats New?

Version 0.1.1 is adds nothing knew to the gameplay. Instead, it fixes a few bugs found while testing.

  • Squashed a few annoying bugs
  • Free Fall now automatically checks for updates
  • General optimization

Whats Next?

Here are a few things that will be included in upcoming updates:

  • Multiplayer - Race your friends to the ground!
  • Updated Graphics
  • Difficulty levels
  • New gamemodes