Text Encryption Program

Report bugs to seungminleader@gmail.com

Current version: 2.0.5

Currently, only Microsoft Windows operating systems are supported, and only Microsoft Windows will be supported for the foreseeable future, due to my lack of Apple/MacOS devices.

  1. 1. Using Encrypter is fairly simple. First, start the provided GUI:

  2. encrypter gui image 1
  3. 2. Next, choose an algorithm to use:

  4. encrypter gui image 2
  5. 3. Next, enter a password:

  6. encrypter gui image 3
  7. 4. Next, choose an input type. If you are encrypting/decrypting data from a text or other file, use -file. If you want to encrypt/decrypt data from a line, use -line:

  8. encrypter gui image 4
  9. 5. Next, the data:

  10. If you chose -file, enter the path to the file:

    encrypter gui image 5

    If you chose -line, enter the string you wish to encrypt:

    encrypter gui image 6
  11. 6. Next, choose an output type:

  12. If you want to output to the preview area, choose line:

    encrypter gui image 7

    If you want to output to a text file or other file type, choose file:

    encrypter gui image 8

    Alternatively, leave the File Path input blank. The encrypted/decrypted data will be outputted to your personal Documents file, and named __def_enc_output.txt.

  13. 7. Finally, press the Encrypt/Decrypt button:

  14. encrypter gui image 9